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Cork Flooring in Boulder County, CO

Do you need a durable, attractive new floor for your home, but are unsure where to begin? Then call upon the specialists at Cummings Hardwood Floors LTD. We are proud to be your resource for cork flooring in Boulder County, Colorado.
Cork is a highly desired flooring material due to its natural beauty and renewability. Unlike vinyl or other flooring materials, cork has a unique pattern, coloring, and thickness that allow it to retain the aesthetic appeal even as it wears over the years. Additionally, cork flooring is resistant to cracks, abrasions, and liquids. It even springs back to its original shape, so you never have to worry about permanent dents from furniture. This gives you a floor that is functional, unique, and built to last.

Cork Flooring - Cork Flooring Boulder County CO

A Safe Choice from a Noted Cork Flooring Contractor

When you desire a floor that will meet all of your needs and stand up to the test of time, our cork flooring contractor has your solution. While it is a type of wood flooring, cork flooring is actually resistant to fires and will only melt or ignite at extremely high temperatures. Before and during the fire, the cork creates less smoke and thereby allows less toxic material to escape, making it a safe material for any home.
In addition to fire, cork flooring naturally resists mold, mildew, microbes, and even termites. Because it does not have any fibers like carpet, it does not pollute your indoor air quality. Therefore, you, your family, and pets can live a happy and healthy life in your home.

Upgrade by Contacting Our Expert Cork Flooring Installer

Receive a comfortable new floor by trusting your renovation project to our team of knowledgeable cork flooring installers. An aesthetically versatile material, cork flooring provides a cushiony feeling underfoot that your family and houseguests are sure to love. Cork is also an acoustic and thermal insulator, meaning your rooms are naturally warmer and quieter when you invest in an installation.

Your Local Cork Flooring Store

When you visit our cork flooring store, our associates are able to help you choose the style that best suits your needs and budget. Cork is available in a vast assortment of planks and tiles in numerous colors, patterns, and sizes. Depending on your preference, we are able to install planks that create a virtually seamless floor or even tiles in monochromatic or alternating colors to create a contemporary look.
Contact us today to impress every houseguest with cork flooring. We proudly serve Boulder County, Boulder, Lafayette, Firestone, and Westminster, Colorado.